The System

The Learnbox system is based on cards and levels. Levels indicate how well you know certain cards. Your goal is to get all cards to the highest levels by answering them correctly in tests. If your answer was wrong, the card will be moved to the level below.


... can represent all kinds of information. They are like flash cards, having a question and the corresponding answer. You can also add images to learn even better.


... help you to learn new languages. Enter everything you want to learn and let Learnbox test your knowledge. There are also categories to sort words based on lesson or topic.



Using Learnbox, it is easy to share cards or vocabulary with friends or fellow students. You can also write cards comfortably at a computer and import them later. 


... help you keep track of your progress. You always know what's your best course and which one needs more of your attention.


Adjust Learnbox to your needs and change the design of the app. It also supports iOS 10 and split screen multitasking on iPad.

Apple Watch

Learn vocabulary using your Apple Watch! Every hour, the practical complication shows two vocabulary. This way, every glance at your wrist improves your language skills.

Additional content

Learnbox is completely free, but if you really like the app, you may unlock additional features improving your learning experience. They are entirely optional and you can decide whether you want them.


You can learn cards more efficiently with images! Add a piacture from the internet or take a photo of a drawing on paper.


The Archive stores all cards and vocabulary you've already learned. Look up information and bring cards that you forgot back. You can put cards in the Archive whenever you want or let Learnbox take care of this for you.


Bring cards and vocabulary to paper! Choose between the flash card and the list format and configure font size and other options. Answers can also be printed on the back side to create useful flash cards.